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The dairy industry has been declining over the years and that’s because people are realising the horrors of cruelty and exploitation that animals face along with the environmental impacts! 

WHAT! NO MORE MILK?! Do not panic! The latest addition to the market are PLANT MYLKS! Cruelty free and delicious? YES! 

Why Choose Us

Plant mylks are low in fat, do not contain cholesterol and are full of vitamins & minerals. They are also a great option for people battling slow digestion.

Not only is plant mylk a suitable choice for vegans and vegetarians, they are also a great for people who are lactose intolerant (over 80% of Malaysian adults are lactose intolerant!).

Who We Are

We at Vegan Ventures made it our mission to make plant mylks the future of milks in Malaysia.

You can choose from our wide range of plant mylks to nourish yourself. Here’s to a cruelty free and healthier future!


Low In Fat

Plant Mylks are a great alternative if you want to reduce your calorie intake as they are low in fats!


Full Of Vitamins

Plant Mylks are packed with vitamins that are vital for our immune system, metabolism & cell regeneration!



Plant mylks are healthy & loaded with flavor in every sip!                                              

4 Reasons to stop dairy and drink plant-based milks

Lactoside Intolerance

More than 95% of Malaysians are lactose intolerant to some extent. Lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder characterised by the inability to digest lactose which is the main carbohydrate found in dairy products.

The symptoms that develop as a result of this disorder include abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea, gas and nausea. The amount of lactose that a lactose intolerant individual can consume before experiencing these symptoms varies.

Although lactose intolerance is nowhere nearly as lethal as other digestive disorders, consuming dairy products has become such a norm that individuals suffer these symptoms frequently in order to “fit in”, despite it greatly impacting their quality of life.

Less For More

Animal-based milk production is highly destructive to the environment.

Producing 200 ml of animal-based milk every day for a year requires 650 square meters of land and roughly 120 liters of water. Although these statistics vary for each source, plant-based milks consume far fewer quantities of the said resources to produce the same 200 ml of milk.


 Save The Cows

In the name of milk production and processing, industrialised livestock are impregnated yearly. After giving birth, their calves and kids are separated from them almost immediately.

On the other hand, because plant-based milk is derived from plants, no sentient being is harmed in any way.

Each Source Is Unique

It is true that compared to dairy milk, plant-based milks contain less protein and calcium and have to be enriched or fortified with these nutrients artificially.

However, they also contain less saturated or “unhealthy” fat and instead, more unsaturated or “healthy” fat, which plays a significant role in reducing the risk of developing heart diseases.

In addition, each source has a varying nutritional content, thus creating a wider variety of options to meet each individual’s dietary needs.

Mighty Pea

Yellow split pea mylk packed with 50% more calcium than cow’s milk


Mylk powered by pea proteins



Preservative free creamy almond mylk

Oat Ly!

Original ed: Mylk fuelled by nutritious oat fibre

Our Best Plant Mylks

Start the day with vegan milk. Why?
It’s the sustainable choice, for the planet. It’s the healthier choice, for you.


Yellow split pea milk with 50% less sugar than cow’s milk


Nutty milk packed with powerful antioxidants


Creamy chocolate pea milk packed with essential amino acids/proteins


Barista ed: Rich & frothy mylk powered by liquid oats 


Different flavors for all your needs

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Start the day with vegan milk. Why?
It’s the sustainable choice, for the planet. It’s the healthier choice, for you.

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